mardi 24 janvier 2012

Mali Ouda Azade

Mali Ouda Azade ? No, no don't worry I'm not trying to put a strange oriental spell on you, it's just the name of DinosaurPrince's brand new boy. You can see his version of the character development at his blog !

This young fella -or should I say fellah ? ^^- is a magician who tries his best but... the carpet seems a little bit reluctant. He's got donkey tail and ears.

You can easily spot he was, of course, strongly inspired by Disney's Aladdin but we tried to do something a bit different.

For the first time on a commission I used this new technique I started to experiment a few months ago... trick but it ass a bit of sensuality to the sexy boy... ah, I always loved the 1001 Nights ! ^^

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