dimanche 22 juillet 2012

Kink me up

A quick batch of commissions I did for Spinal at Paris Comic' Con, in July... as usual he's my most faithful and imaginative client, and as usual we had a lot of fun designing these pieces ! All of them are original characters of his, and as you can see it gets kinkier and kinkier...
These two pictures were made with soy sauce, sepia marker and golden inks on watercolor paper. A new technique that proved itself to be very popular this year !
Inika has been threatening for a long time and now... she's keeping her dirty promises ! Watercolor on paper. The scan kinda ruined everything, boooo !
Bondage werewolves are the best werewolves, right ?
Spinal said for the last one "something kinky, go ahead, have fun". It was the 3rd day of the con', my brains were a bit like raspberry jam, so I texted my naughty boyfriend to see if he could give me an idea of something kinky. And so he did.

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