mardi 1 juin 2010

Different boys for once...

Two different boys today, the kind of guys I usually never draw. Enjoy !

This dude is a character I'm currently trying to create. I'm not gonna say much about him, sorry. I just wanted to make a contrast between a buff boy, all muscular, who looks like the harshest rugby player, a "real male" with hard interest for bodymods, especially the feminine specialty that are piercing corsets. At first I wanted to put huge flowers in the background but it was going to look way too girly for him.

I guess I eventually have to state : this is my bara style. It's not because I don't draw muscles that I don't like them, don't get me wrong ! However I don't like well defined muscles, I love them HUGE but round. Nice biceps are like a nice ass : soft (and sweaty ^^), strong, hard but you can press your finger on it and push on the smooth skin. Don't give me a top model or a bodybuilder, gimme The Rock and Vin Diesel ! Wrestlers are just purrr-fect.
Notice when I inked I slightly changed the perspective or the pool, to remove the big flowers. This way the warm tones of the body would make a beautiful contrast on the blue water. My boyfriend said he "wasn't convinced by the perspective" but does he even say positive things about my illustrations anyways ?

My favorite part of the colo' is the pool's border, the cute little tiles. Okay, I love the roundness of his ass too. But the tiles, the colors of the line art that don't look the same in the shadows, it was quite interesting.

This drawing was a quick commission I did last week-end in a convention in Marseille. It was an interesting exercise, something I'm not used to do so it deserves to be posted here.

That guy stopped by my booth and asked if I could draw him. The thing is on my booth I usually draw chibi commissions because that's what people like in conventions. And it's easier. But he wanted a comic style portrait of him so it was a lot of pressure : what if I had to start the drawing again and again because it sucked, what if he didn't like it, what if he thought it didn't look like him at all ? *pressure, pressure* The huge thing in his hand was his camera. ^^
In the end I'm quite happy, it's not perfect but remember it's a 3€ commish drawn in fifteen minutes on the corner of a really tiny table. Here's his myspace so you can see by yourself if it looks like him or not. :}

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  1. Je suis tombée sur l'article après avoir vu le résultat final sur twitter. Donc, je suis contente de voir que j'avais su repérer le contraste que tu avais opéré. Pour la perspective, j'suis pas experte, mais après, rien ne m'a particulièrement dérangé. C'est vrai que le petit carrelage est kyoot ^^ J'ai hâte qu'on en sache plus !

    Quand au monsieur avec son appareil, effectivement, ça change beaucoup des chibi... et c'est très réussi ! Pour un exercice auquel tu ne t'attaques pas souvent sur des personnes réelles, tu t'es super bien démerdée, félicitations ^^