jeudi 24 juin 2010

Yeah, my tail is uncut, babe !

Sorry, I didn't keep the preliminary sketches for this one, I inked on the original sketch.

Aaanyways, this buff dude was drawn this morning, a bit in a hurry, because I AB-SO-LU-TE-LY wanted to try the screen recording software Veebee just recommended to me. I've been dying to record the complete coloring process and not only make incomplete animated gifs.

So here's my first try, well actually it's not very good, I didn't tame the software very well ; it's quite blurry, the zooms were automatically generated and I don't know what's with those hysterical cursor moves but it's a premiere so it's not perfect, of course. You can even see me changing the playlist on Deezer ! ^^"

I have to say for a drawing made in a rush, a daddy type of guy, with a boxer face, which I have never drawn before, it's not too bad. Adrenaline is actually good for creativity !

Original video can be found here :

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