jeudi 8 juillet 2010

Fairy dust and gangsta weed

No sketches today because these doodles were done at my best friend's house, and she doesn't have any light table so I inked on the original sketches.

Meluzine is a French association whose goal is to help fanzines (like mine) to promote their works ; they created an online community for fanzine artists to share their experience, some tips, they also give as many informations as they can about conventions we can attend or invite artists to sell their work on their booth in conventions...

I went to a meeting with them about two weeks ago and was told that drawing the association mascot would be a great way to help them. So as drawing is the only thing I'm able to do, I decided to go for it. Anyways, I just had to make an alternate version that is more of my taste. See what I mean ?

Well yeah I know, the haircut kills all. It looked better on the girls. X)

No, the title ain't a way to promote drugs at all, it's a reference to Dr.Dre ! The fact is I drew Javier smoking weed and my only excuse is that I wanted to draw him all tired, totally high, because I was myself. Oh, I wasn't high, I was just completely sick and exhausted with a big flu. My eyes weren't even really open and I wanted him to reflect my own condition. Oh, and I thought my name on the smoke would be fun.

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