jeudi 15 juillet 2010

Bulgarian party - Krum, Krum, Krum !

It's kinda unsual but these illustrations are not posted on my adult website "", they belong to my "all audiences" gallery on But as it's about a stud, and I had some babbling to do about it, I decided to do a blog. -As if I actually had time for it ! u_u-

The context is : I'm drawing for a French fanzine about Harry Potter's universe, Obscurus Presse. The crazy girls are simply releasing the wizards' journals, as if they were real -and by real I mean now, in 2010, not in the 90's !-. Usually, I don't draw fanarts for them, but from time to time characters of the original saga are featured and when I saw Viktor Krum illustrations were available I jumped on it !

I love Harry Potter. Who doesn't ? However, I don't like the movies, they're too short, too many details are missing, I know they're trying their best but it's annoying. So I truly expected to hate the "Goblet of Fire" movie... that was until I saw Stanislav Ianevski as Viktor Krum. *__* Oh let me be a fangirl sometimes ! Stanislav, anywhere, everywhere... ok, ok, to the pics now !

For the new issue of Quidditch Mag', the girls needed a portrait of Viktor Krum and a full body piece. Remember that we're in 2010 and the Bulgarian honey is older now. I gave him a little longer hair and stubble, a rougher face too, because if he didn't stop playing Quidditch since the 90's he probably had some severe kicks in his face -I avoided the bruises and the broken nose though- and tried to keep his pouty lips and grumpy eyebrows.

For the full body picture I didn't want a typical pose. Krum doesn't have time for this bullshit, he doesn't pose for photographs ! If you want a photo, just try to catch him in the locker room. -Ha, "Viktor Krum" and "locker room" in the same sentence make you horny ? Yeah, me too. If he's nearly naked on this version of the sketch, it's that I didn't search for Quidditch clothes references yet. Reminds me, when I was a kid just starting to draw, I read an interview of a famous french comic artist who said he always drew the characters naked before adding the clothes. I was young and didn't realize it was much better for anatomy so I though "Pfff he's not forced, what a perv !"... and now I'm drawing porn.

In the magazine the photos will be separated but for my website it was better to show it this way. Finally, what do you think of his pose ? It's nearly pinup-like, the way he's pulling the knee pad up his leg like a garter.

The second picture is an old photo -read : in the 90's- of Krum fighting the Chinese Fireball. Epic, right ? Sometimes, I'm on Obscurus Presse private board for the staff and I say "Okay I'mma do this one !". Then in front of my white page I'm like "Why did you say that, idiot ? Why ?"... That's what happened here.

But I eventually managed to start doodling. I started with Krum in an acrobatic position, I wanted him to look like he was gonna fall, to add a thrilling dimension to the pic. Then I began with the dragon and surprisingly, it was the best part to do. When I was in high school, I had a dragons obsession for a while, precisely chinese dragons. I drew them all the time, inspired by the ones you find on the Chinese restaurants stuff. So it came back to my hand really easily and I enjoyed it.

More detailed sketch. Poor me, I had to watch that part of the movie again, just to catch Viktors outfit. I had to pause the video and make screencaps. What a torture ! <3 I asked the girls if they didn't mind a little teared clothes and they were ok -it has to stay work-safe after all !-. Yes I know we see his ass a little too much on this one but I hid it on the final version.

It didn't took me that long to color but I'm quite happy with the light effects, the orange reflections on the dragon and the fire he's blowing. I added the magic ray in the end, wasn't sure of the result but it turned out good. Okay, next time there will be naked boys ! Or maybe not... ^^"

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