lundi 12 juillet 2010

From Egypt to South Sudan

Still no sketches, still coloring the pictures I doodled on my trip to Japan Expo.

Since I was in my best friend's house, with her family and little sister, I had to stay worksafe so the only long thing you'll see on Thot is his beak ! :} I'm glad I found a good balance between well defined muscles and the body type I really enjoy. Also, the background is real papyrus I modified a bit and added on Photoshop.

I love this one because it's a topic we barely see in illustrations. This dude is inspired by Dinka warriors, an african tribe of South Sudan were men wear gorgeous and colored beads corsets to seduce women. It was actually draw just for the corset ! ^^ Anyways, I'd celebrate the end of the World Cup with him with pleasure ! You might wonder how the hell I can think about corseted african men when I'm hanging in front of the TV with a teenage girl and her King Charles dog... I wonder too !

2 commentaires:

  1. Ah l'inspiration des fois hein ^^' Va comprendre...
    En tout cas, j'aime beaucoup Thot, ainsi que tout ce que tu fais en ce moment sur les égyptiens... j'aime beaucoup leur "mythologie" déjà à la base, alors sous ton crayon !

  2. really nice. You're great in lines and colouring. Good good job

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