jeudi 22 juillet 2010

Junk Food Commando

Let me show you my brand new commission for Dinosaurprince. It all started in a very funny way, we were talking, by email, about everything and nothing, just giving each other some news, when I confessed I was feeling lazy and didn't want to clean my rattie's cage nor cook for tonight. Immediately, Matthew thought about what Bionic Commando could do between the two games : getting lazy on the couch, eating junk food and watching TV. And this is how it eventually turned out.

First sketch to catch the position. There's an old TV (cathodic screens are so charming !), some VHS on the couch, pizza, chips, pop-corn and he's raising a six-pack of Pepsi. For his face I had to take pictures of my boyfriend doing this position because I really didn't manage to find the right angle. ^^

Matthew wanted to add Rush from MegaMan so I thought a robot-dog could enjoy some pizza too ; the cans are lifted up from a small table where you can see wet spots, a NES and a roasted chicken leaking grease on the couch. Oh and of course, THE detailed bionic arm.

Removed one of the two controlers and added a Mc Donald's portion of fries because the chicken looked weird all by himself.

I honestly spend a loooong time on this arm but I really love it. I studied US comics inking on purpose to get the metal effect.

In the end, the arm is darker than I hoped but it's not that bad, what do you think ?

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