lundi 16 septembre 2013

The Mighty Fall

I am not one of these crazy Fall fanatics -sorry if you are one, I totally respect that! ;)- yet I have to admit there are good things in this season. The Halloween mood that my online buddies bring me more than real life. The weather finally, finally cooling down after one hell of a Southern France summer and the occasion to wear other kinds of clothes. Oh, and of course, my birthday in October, hehee...
I thought I hadn't drawn bears for a while, an horrible faux-pas I had to correct, and went for a cosy chub' in a cosy bedroom. Look at this ugly sweater, doesn't it look comfy?
Of course, there wouldn't be fall without a warm atmosphere, complementary colors and a sky in fire... the boy in this image seems more in the mood for cuddles than sexy times but who knows? It might change if you join him. ^__~

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