lundi 23 novembre 2009

Elephants, just to change...

I said a few days ago I loved to draw little cartoon styled hippos when inspiration wasn't here because it's quite easy, entertaining and make a good distraction. However, I since tried elephants and I find them even more interesting, though they are more complicated to draw. But I like the flow you can get in the composition with the big floppy ears and especially the trunk. Hippos are made of three or four circles, but elephants have those circles and the wave shaped trunks and ears.

I wondered for a while if I'd post this one on my "all audiences" gallery but after coloring him I thought he was a little provocative anyway. I'm glad I found a good trick on one of my usual layers to give him these slightly pink ears and cheeks (both cheeks). However I don't know if the red on his ass is the result of a sunburn or a spanking.

For this elephant I decided to use the exact same tricks as the previous one but I have to admit I felt a little uncomfortable ; he really looked too cute, like a cartoon, and really animal too and I felt guilty for making it porny. Fortunately I loved this picture anyway or I might have abandoned it. One side of me is a little uncomfortable, and one side of me loves this huge cock, these soft round balls and the shiny little spotlights. Blah, I'll get over it or get used to it.

Oh and elephant too, but a girl this time, an animated WIP...

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