mercredi 2 décembre 2009

It's not unusual to draw unusual stuff !

What's up today ? Well, very different stuff than what I usually post BUT since it's about guys having sex with guys, it's totally appropriated for this blog. :}

First, the super porn star Buck Angel !

I really love him, let's say it, he's The Man. This is why I wanted to make a fanart, you know what it is, when we artists wan to make an "homage"... I thought for him the simpler, the better. I'm not used to draw pussies, especially so exposed, but I'm happy (read : aroused) with the result. Of course, I'm also glad of his face, and his damn tattoos ! (To be honest I'm not fond of his tats, dragons, tribal... not my kind) As for the background, I thought a red and green tartan-like atmosphere would be virile enough and suit his red brows that make him look Scottish.

This one is a commission for (the very generous) Rangarig who wanted an elephant and a dragon -non anthros and cartoon styled-, inflation, some bondage and he didn't care who would be on top. I decided that since usually dragons are bigger, everybody would expect the dragon to top and so, it was more interesting and original to get Mister Elephant to top - Rangarig was okay as long as the dragon didn't look too small and too young-. We both decided to let them have balls even if for the elephant it's not anatomically correct (I have to admit I prefer with just for the balance it gives to the picture), but we removed nipples. And I drew my first dragon peenie... I decided to go traditional, well traditional in a furry way. Because it's stupid to change something that works. :} They both ended super cute doing very naughty stuff. Ah, I'm going to hell for this ! ^^

Stay tuned for Santa Claus... soon !

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