dimanche 13 décembre 2009

Metal VS Reggaeton

Whaaatever ! Metal vs Reggaeton ? Come on, they are both great ! :}

That dude wasn't really requested by my sister -who technically hasn't reached the legal age to see this illustration yet-, but she casually said she would like to find some sexy pics of a hairy dude, slightly chubby, pouring beer on his torso. Okay, okay, let's not play with words, he's pouring beer on his cock but it looked better like that, the composition was much more dynamic with the beer splashing on his dick -and hoping I won't sound too pretentious, this is one of my favorites among all the cocks I ever drew (along with this one).
At first I wondered if I was going for a "true evil" one, with a whole pint of beer but it was funnier to use a bottle and cliché tattoos. The title is inspired by Tenacious D's song because coloring this during insomnia, around 6:00 A.M, I needed a good soundtrack. Very inspiring ! ^^

Reggaeton will be represented by my boy Mateo. I don't like to do this but for once I will compare, Mateo a few months ago, in a similar position :

And today's version...

I love to call him my boy, he's my little favorite of the crew. Probably because he's the sluttiest. The position was inspired by a few different pictures but if I could save only one part of this illustration, it would be his feet. In French, the expression "to take your own foot" literally means having an orgasm and this is what I felt drawing those feet. I don't have a foot fetish but I would lick those for hours. I went for a nearly black and white background to contrast with his amber skin. I hadn't drawn the blings and graffiti-styled caps for a while, I missed it a little bit.
The title is "Ready to use" because the condom is already installed, you just have to sit on it ! ;-)

Safe sex, babes, safe sex !!!

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