mercredi 23 décembre 2009

"If you're going to San-Francisco" & "Chupa, cabron !"

It's a little difficult for me to draw when I'm not home, not only because, even if my family is the most tolerant ever, it's not always easy to draw smut when there are a few people around... I mean you gotta have some concentration to find what's gonna be sexy or not, what's gonna be interesting. But I'm like that I just can't stop drawing. ^^" Anyway I decided to post these linearts because I can't color them here, no Wacom babe !

"If you're going to San Francisco"... a classic but hey you're gonna meet some gentle people here ! I got this idea yesterday, during an interesting talk with my sister. I said that we should go back to the flower power, and that a new hippie decade would be good for all of us, over-stressed people. That we should start by spreading the Free Hugs movement. And so, that I would, as a good capitalist, get a lot of money with the Free Hugs placards I sell in conventions. XD But I also realized I never drawn a hippie guy, which was such a pity : long hair, flowers, peace and love and a good load of "happy ciggies". Now that's what I'd need to relax these days ! ^^ For information, I'd like to make a peace & love sign on the van, as if it was spray painted.

Here come some close-ups because I'm afraid the drawing is a bit dark without colors -plus, this scanner is not my baby so he's a bit picky, I'm not used to it- ! Sorry the line art ain't perfect at all and I hate when the computer ruins my smooth lines.

Flowers, flowers, flowers ! It took me some time to draw all this but it was pretty relaxing -no I wasn't high !-. I loved to make a complicated background, a la Art-Nouveau, behind his simple Jesus-like face. It's gonna be beautiful, and psychedelic, well I hope so, when it will be colored... if it's colored one day, oh my, this bunch of little details scares me ! ^^"

I don't know what he's smoking but it gotta be good ! My mom said he should definitely pass the blunt.

Let's make a jump, thirty years later, a few thousands kilometers away from here... somewhere in some barrio of Honduras, Mexico or Guatemala.

"Chupa, cabron !" Another of those pics I enjoyed to draw because the ideas came up all by themselves. At first I wanted to draw two guys from the Mara Salvatrucha (MS13), one threatening the other. But then I realized it would be interesting to represent the eternal rivality between MS13 and Mara 18. However, it happens the MS13 gangsta is forcing the Dieciochero BUT it doesn't mean I'm supporting one of the two gangs. If you ask my opinion, they both suck ! ^^" So, well, it was more interesting to draw two enemies. I'm not into non-con but for once it was kinda necessary. Because that's the way it is in the gangs and it would be ridiculous to put romantism in such a picture.

I've had the idea of a short porn comic with mareros for a while but I don't know if I would stand to draw all these tattoos several times. These guys... they are oh so not gay ! The paroxysm of the so-called "latin machismo". When I see such homophobics guys I just wanna make a gay porn picture out of it. They claim they aren't fags but they hug tightly and tattoo themselves, stay stucked to their hermanos and have a strange vision of personal space. Which reminds me of a scene in the movie "La Vida Loca", where a few guys are having a party for someone's birthday. They smoke, cigarettes and weed, and they blow smoke in each other's mouth... this was clearly erotic, but they aren't gay in the barrio, mierda ! :}

As for the title, it's a veeery lame wordplay in Spanish, my last Spanish teacher would hate me even more than she used to. ^^" "Chupa, cabron !" means "Suck, fucker !". But it also sounded a bit like 'chupacabra', (the goat sucker) it's an urban legend, a creature that attacked animals in Mexican farms, a kind of vampire that sucked their blood. Booo my humor is getting worse every day !

To the primeros planos !

The devil on his shoulder, his horns on his forehead. Thirteen on his face. Hands making a satanic sign on his chest. Tattoos are supposed to scare, and show his power.

I think this part can be a bit confusing without colors so I wanted to show a close-up, with the gun, the eight on his face is the half of "18". And a fancy haircut just because I like that ! :}

Classic, old-school and terribly not original web on his elbow. At least it shows he endured to be inked in this very sensitive place but that's all. Anyway I like the tattoo on his butt "Puta" means "whore" in Spanish. And with a gothic font it looks quite great.

So... it took me some time to write this post, here are the tunes I listened to during the last hour because you'll agree that music is very important to artists !

Scott McKenzie - San Francisco :
La Vida Loca OST :
Tres Coronas - "Bang Bang" :

And since I probably won't post until there : Merry Christmas ! ^3^

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