mercredi 16 décembre 2009

Donuts con leche !

I'm leaving to my parent's house in a few days, for the holidays, and I'm enjoying every single second with my dear Photoshop because I will miss it, oh so terribly miss it ! ^^

Long nights spent in the car, waiting for bad guys to show up... the guys found a way to have a good time anyway. I'm not fond of uniforms, not fond of authority (my parents were rebels !) but big US cops with donuts abusing poor consenting young agents... that's kinky enough for me. I think I wanted to draw the donut and the cap, the rest is just "dressing". I have to say that, while designing the older one, he came up looking like Logan's characters, so I tried to escape that influence not to copy his style, but I can't deny a little inspiration anyway.

Wrestling ! I love wrestling ! Actually, just like most of people in the world, I prefer USA wrestling. Gimme Edge, gimme Undertaker, gimme The Rock ! *rawwwr* In USA, for example with WWE, they make real shows, there's something as exciting as cinema, nasty stories, guys cheating on their girlfriends, revenges, bad guys who win... French and Mexican wrestling are a bit too serious for me, it's not funny. But Mexican wrestlers are definitely sexy with their masks, hiding their identities... mysterious guys are hot.
I drew this one to practice a bit anatomy and a different position. I tried to make them look more muscular than usual, more beefy, just like wrestlers. Also, I was happy with the colors but I tried the sepia version and realized I prefered this vintage look, like these old photos of muscle men from the beginning of 20th century.
In Mexican, wrestling is named "lucha libre" which means "free fight", and this scene depicts a very, very free kind of fight, nope ? ^^

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