mardi 8 décembre 2009

Back in the game, right in time for Christmas

It's not a secret at all, I'm just coming back from a very, very bad month, I mean artistically speaking. Even though I created, and extended my possibilities, I felt really baaad for weeks because I wasn't able to do what I wanted to do... and that's all the problem of art blocks, you don't manage and you don't even want to do something, etc... AND I finally let it behind me so here I am, all happy in front of my screen. Here we go !

Let me introduce you Santa version 2009. Don't ask me why I always see the young Santas as blond, long haired guys. I like him because he made me come back to my good ol' gay porn illustrations. He was the twist I needed (him, and the fact that I told my tattoo artist about my drawings, that I was doing gay porn and all, and that he found it very interesting, it was terribly refreshing to talk about it with someone who's not from this background but who was very understanding and interested even if he's 100% straight).

I honestly don't know when the idea of drawing a pirate hit me, but I think it was during my art block, so as soon as I felt better and was able to do a little something I laid my hands on him again. I hesitated for the background, the sky and the sea would have been good but I wanted something darker. Ok, ok, the sky and the sea at night would have been darker but here you can see the bad side of the dude, imagine all the ships he sank to get this treasure. Yeah it's kinda bling-bling ! ^^ And he's a redhead because we most of pirates in fantasies are brunettes I don't know why... -probably because ALL of you nasty boys dream about Captain Hook !-

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