jeudi 10 décembre 2009

Don't mess with voodoo...

My dad, who strongly believes in voodoo, would disapprove this drawing, at least a bit -but not too much because I didn't mention D******- anyway, I did it, take it as a late teenage rebellion or something like that. Or just the will to draw mystico-gore stuff and sexy chocolate dudes.

Zombies are fascinating, and here I'm talking about voodoo zombies, "real" zombies, not the Hollywood ones -yeah, yeah, Romero and Jovovich you're both great but this is serious business !-. It's the voodoo (Animism + Catholicism) equivalent of the European (Judaism + Catholicism) myth of golem : the creature. With the medicine explanations it sounds so real and you can't ignore that perhaps, it might be possible ! Not to totally bring someone back to life but to make someone's personality fade until he becomes your thing, and obeys your orders. When you see how some drugs can change people's perception of reality, why wouldn't it be possible ? This is when strikes the mischievous idea that if you can take control of someone, on a sexual plan it can be interesting ! -Fictionally of course !- Anyway... ah, if I'm here babbling about this illustration it's because I'm glad when I make a drawing that kinda, you know, tells a story.

Sure, there are too many clichés in this pic, but I had such a good time doodling the boys then thinking "Oh and what if they were in the grave ? Oh and there would be a dirt heap and a shovel because the witch doctor actually unburied him ! Wait, wait... I'm gonna add the cross to show it was a grave, but a very poor grave so it would be better with a very humble cross made of wood." And I love when my mind is like that, it's just like a drug. Ssso addictive ! *purrrrrs*
You can't really tell where this scene takes place. The witch doctor's nearly African outfit and the very poor cross evoke Jamaica, while the terribly French name suggests it could be New-Orleans. Which makes me think, my next illustration will be two black dudes in New-Orleans but that's another story. In French, "Aimé" means "loved" and now you can see that he's showed some love !
The zombie looks a bit like a Hollywood zombie, but honestly, if he had looked like a "realistic" zombie, it wouldn't have been really gore, nor funny. Idem if the witch doctor had looked like a regular guy. However, the zombie is quite calm, relaxed, submissive and willing to please his master, as zombies should be, he is not some hungry monster who wanna eat his brain.

So, that's all for now, be careful with the guys you play with and sty tuned for more chocolate goodness. I was in a New-Orleans mood these days. ^^

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