samedi 21 novembre 2009

Tonia the falkner

New commission for Dinosaurprince. Tonia is a kind of... whatever-saure (I don't remember, sorry ^^").

I had a crush on Tonia when I first saw him a few weeks ago (I think it's all about the scales ! ^^) and told Dino who was nice enough to commission me. He wanted Tonia in the desert with a kind of Bedouin suit... except it's much sexier. At least he won't have sunburns on his face !

I loved to draw his tail, it's hot, sexy and the scales are really cool. Enjoyed the open boots too, they are quite stylish (and inspired by my very first source of inspiration, those who really know me will undestand... I think we can't forget our first inspirations). I also like the shape of his abs.

But the falconsaurus was the funniest part, I used a falcon as a reference and gave him a prehistoric style ; we could have gone for a pterosaurus but it was more interesting to create a brand new creature. I wonder if it helps him hunt food or sex mates (or both). ^^

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