vendredi 20 novembre 2009

Primeval hippos

First, a quick doodle I made of Connor Temple, the cutie from Primeval ; no photos refs used, just the show while I was watching it on TV. If you're a Primeval fan, you'll notice it's his season 3 haircut. He looks chubbier than in the show though. It was just a little try. Come on, aren't Abby and him super cute ? I came to really enjoy this show... OK I came to be a tv show girl.

These lil' hippos aren't really smexy but they are a part of my anthro art so I decided to post 'em anyway. When I don't have much inspiration, these babes are great, you just start to doodle three or four circles and then build a cute hippo out of it. This is just a kind of concept, maybe one day I'll do something constructive with them.

1 commentaire:

  1. Je connais pas du tout Primeval, comme tu le sais, mais le monsieur à l'air kyoot !

    Par contre, je suis complètement fana des hippos ! Tu as le don pour faire des hippos trop trop kyoot ! C'est à tomber par terre ! Et leurs expressions !