mercredi 7 décembre 2011

Orca and Nursehound - Underwater

Oh well, Blogger changed his system, you can see Google's damned influence ! >< Sorry if this post doesn't look great, I'll try my best to get used to the new interface.

So, here's a new commission I did for Jyan, I think you recognized the atmosphere. Still, our naughty orca and his nursehound girlfriend going at it under the moonlight -and underwater by the way. Some of you might think "What ? Straight furs again ?" but don't worry, a batch of gay sketches are on their way ! ;)  

In case you were wondering what's going to happen, we decided to fully enjoy every step of the game with small inside views of the action. Seems like Miss is in a playful mood today. I had fun drawing her curves in this position, I imagine she's very flexible.  

Arranging some anatomy details because the orca's neck didn't look really right. Then, we reduced a little bit the size of his head and added some lines next to her to she she's moving closer to him.

Can't believe before that step I forgot the huge fin on the orca's back ! >< I was so focused on (and pleased by) his muscular back that I forgot such an important detail. Fortunately, even if it hid a bit of his back we still can enjoy the view of his butt.

As you can tell I'm not used to drawing inside views, especially not straight but it's fun... and in the end the pink of their flesh add a really nice colored touch, it naturally made a nice balance with the overall blue atmosphere. Makes you wanna sing "Can you feel the love tonight ?", right ? ^^

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