vendredi 25 novembre 2011

Now we need some heroic fantasy in our lives !

Two lil' heroic fantasy pictures I recently doodled for practising.

Coming from me, a white mohawked barbarian with a stretched earlobe is really too predictable, I know, I know... but if you gotta practice muscles and anatomy, let's make it a little bit compatible with your preferences. :)

Even if he doesn't look like him at all, I wanted to give him asian eyes so he could look a bit like a fantasy version of a Hun warrior, but with his long stick and his position he reminds me of Chang in Disney's movie Mulan. "Let's get down to business..."

White mohawk, one white eye... he could almost be a character from an old post-apoc' movie from the 80's. XD

And now for something a bit different ! I don't know why but these days the internet is shivering with anticipation seeing the first pictures of upcoming movie "The Hobbit" and the good old LOTR fandom is resurfacing. I see things that used to make my way too romantic heart beat hard. And I saw a small funny picture on Tumblr that suggested a relationship between Aragorn and Sam Gamgee... that's enough to make my imagination race and I fell for these two together. They'd be a sweet and hot couple, don't you think ?

Absolutely no resemblance with the actors, 'cause Sean Astin is way too sexy to be drawn... *drools* He's always been my favorite hobbit, I thought he was the hottest, the cutest and definitely the one I wanted in my bed. I was in high school and, as we were art class kids, the Lord of The Rings was main part of all our discussions when it was released but when my friends asked "So who's your favorite hobbit ? Pippin, Merry, Frodo ?" I always said Sam and got strange looks and words such as "But he's fat !". That's when I understood not only was it difficult to be a fat girl, but it was even more shameful to be attracted to chubby boys. However, I don't care now, I know what I like to touch in bed and I love it when there's a lot to eat !

The most challenging part of this fan art (other than the fact that I'm coming home from a week of holiday and two badass concerts) was to give Sam an adult enough look so with the size difference he wouldn't remotely be confused with a kid.

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