vendredi 18 novembre 2011

Holiday season is officially open !

Well, yeah, holiday season is officially open even if, for me, I have to say it starts on October, 20th. The day after my birthday is the moment when I stop thinking about me and start thinking about Christmas presents for my loved ones. Anyways, every year is a new occasion to create Christmas pinups and here the first one. Yeah, a Santa cub.

Usually, Santas are daddies but I don't know why, I wanted something a little different. I was probably craving for a nice bottom with a smooth belly.

And after collecting several ref' pictures I decided he wouldn't be hard. Because when you draw porn all the time, you see so many fully erect cocks that flaccid ones become nearly more interesting and exotic ! ^^ I said "nearly" ! And soft cocks are cute...

I think I'm totally ready for Christmas. The question is, will Santa Cub come through the back door or will he take it through ? I still don't know what to choose...

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