vendredi 18 novembre 2011

Twilight 5 : Ejaculation

Haha yes you read well... Twilight ! I wasn't sure at first, when Matthew asked me if I wanted to draw a Twilight picture because I pretty much suck at portraits. Told him I wouldn't really make characters that look like the actors but he didn't mind ; then the lovely Fallen Angel insisted (yeah, that happened on Facebook ^^") saying it would be also interesting to see them in my style even if it wasn't very realistic so I forgot my hesitations and went for it.

One other thing to know is that I've never read the Twilight saga, nor saw the movies. I started to watch the first movie but I don't know, the atmosphere was disturbing, cold, it felt too teenage angst for me, I didn't feel comfortable so I stopped. Not that I thought it wasn't good, I just felt a little uncomfortable. I guess that's the point of the movie, or I'm just a sissy.

I have to admit however that if Edward seemed cold and not really sexy to me (y'know I'm not that much into thin pale guys ! XD), Jacob had... interesting assets ! Hey, not my fault, I always had a thing for guys who were designed with curves and his face is round and soft, I dig that.
I had fun drawing him and he turned out one of my hottest guys for now.

But the detail that really got me was when Dino told me his idea : Edward releasing sparkly cum ! Seriously, ain't that brilliant ? XD It's nice to draw sexy pictures that can also make you laugh.

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