mardi 15 novembre 2011

Orca and nursehound

If you liked the previous post about a hot orca stud, you'll be more than happy to know he got himself a girl... and what a girl ! Yes, I'm obviously talking about another illustration commissioned by Jyan... as you can guess it was about time that his orca stopped being so lonely.

We discussed for a long time about his potential mates and eventually picked for him a nursehound. They're some kinds of small sharks with lovely spotted skins. I suggested this species among others because I thought spots would look sexy on a girl and Jyan said we should go for it.

As you can see I tried two poses to match Jyan's idea. He preferred the second one and if at first I wasn't sure of myself, it eventually was the best option.

Adding tails, and hands and oh my gosh, too many fingers ! That part was a mess but we could understand something was definitely going on between her legs.

The tongue I drew the first time was too round and large so I changed it to make it look more realistic. Also added a pair of pelvic fins around the lady's parts ~that, for recreational purposes we kept kinda human, because his thumb looked really good on her clit~ and some lovebites on her shoulder.

On detailed sketches like this one, the inking is a real relief. That's also the problem of working with light tables, you don't clean your messy sketches and it often becomes full of unreadable lines.

I really had fun drawing her spots and the warm atmosphere induced by the fire is one of my guilty pleasures. Jyan suggested they should have some water drops and wet spots (other than "this one") to show they just had a shower or just came out of the sea. In the end it adds some sensuality to the scene.

I truly hope you like them because I've heard you could see more action... and have really dirtier visions. ;)

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