samedi 10 décembre 2011

Rohan and Gondor unite

As I told you last time with my Aragorn/Sam fan art, I'm in a Lord Of The Rings mood these days. Perhaps I just need heroic fantasy, or I want to slice some throats, who knows ? I simply know that these books/movies are full of hot boys and that's enough for me.

One of my many OTPs of this fandom is Eomer/Faramir (next to Legolas/Gimli). Seriously, they're too hot together ! Blonde rider and shy redhead with daddy issues, that sounds so cliché, so sweet my teeth hurt. However, every occasion is good to make a gay illustration.

I pleased myself very much with Eomer's face... no I didn't *actually* please myself but at some point I seriously wondered if I'd do it. Even though the orgasmic sensation of drawing something better than you expected is much stronger and intense than sex. They both look younger than in the movies but who really cares ? I could have given Faramir real abs but when after the first sketch his belly looked like this, a bit like those of classic teenager statues and Greek heroes, I couldn't draw myself to change it. It seems soft and sweet : and I like it.

I wondered what kind of background I would do but the more efficient, my favorite kind, was this mixed-media style I recently experimented ; first I draw the landscape on watercolor paper and slightly mark the lights and shadows with grey tones. Then I scan it and color it on Photoshop while keeping the texture of the paper and painting. It soften the cold digital coloring and gives it a nice and melancholic traditional touch.

Finally, mix both pictures, play a bit with contrast, colors, levels and all this sh*t and get...


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