mardi 13 décembre 2011

Chocolate, vanilla and... fish ?

You barely see it on this blog but today, for something a bit different, here are a bunch of sketch commissions I did for the same lovely cetacean Jyan ! But for once, you can stay if you don't like vaginas because it's a 100% boy on boy action post.

Starting with a hunky spotted dolphin and a (naturally accurate) chubby beluga. It was pretty tricky to put a dolphin's head on a human body, especially a muscular one... well ok, with cetacean anthros adding shoulders to a normally hydrodynamic frame is the ultimate difficulty. But Mr.Dolphin doesn't seem to mind, just like Mr.Beluga. 

So it seems they decided to go further. Underwater 69, perhaps I would try if I could breathe in the sea ! ^^ Got inspired by the yin and yang symbol to make a circular composition and show some complementarity in their bodies.

Sucking a bit harder because after all, better enjoy all the possibilities of anthro bodies, right ?

Finally I reduced a bit the beluga's man boobs because it felt a little bit weird (I liked them though ! :p).

And last but not least, Jyan made me give a try at drawing his character Vanilla and his best friend's, Chocolate, two sweet orcas who are complementary with their shapes and colors.

Seeing their names and kind of naughty bromance relationship I went for something very cute but suggestive, so they're sharing an ice cream -look at these little tongues out ! ^^-. Chocolate/vanilla ice-cream of course !

Don't they look lovely ? They deserve a sunset in the background. And Vanilla, as you can see, has got inverted colors... aren't they gonna be cute when colored ?

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