samedi 22 octobre 2011

This is Halloween, this is Halloween !

Dinosaur Prince's love for Halloween is always a great occasion to draw exciting, funny (and challenging !) commissions. ^^ He knows I love Halloween but the frenchies will know what I mean, here this holiday is kinda dead. :/ Nobody celebrates, that's really annoying. So Dino's commissions always help me getting in the mood !

Here is Dinosaur Prince's little story : "Late one night before Halloween, Belvadar snuck into the bed chambers of the Headless Horsemen. While said party was otherwise 'engaged', our hero replaced his flaming pumpkin top with one of plastic. Belvadar then jumped on Zalus back to make quick his escape. Unfortunately the two were found out. The specter gave chase, all the while wearing the wrong set of clothes! What was he doing in that room, that occupied him so? Only the shadows on the wall know, but I think these clothes are a good indication...
Zalus speed was no match for the horsemen. He quickly feel behind and gave up the chase. This year he would not terrorize innocents with fire and smoke. Maybe this year he will cool it a bit and enjoy some trick, or treating instead. After over 200 years, maybe it's time he had a little fun on Halloween. :)"

Tricky centaur ! I had a hard time but a lot of fun drawing him bucking.

I admit I couldn't help giving his tail some Art-Nouveau look.

The hardest part with night scenes is to find the light. Since I wanted the scene to be spooky but joyful and entertaining I had fun with the smoke coming out of the chimney. Who knows what's going on in this house ?

You can read Dinosaur Prince's impressions on his blog ! :)

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  1. Love the making of features! And that Art-Nouveau looking cute!!!! Hmmmm what do you say to a little Zebra Christams action? XD Hee hee! ^O^