jeudi 27 octobre 2011

Stretching on the beach

I'm very glad to show you this new commission I did for Odie, because as challenging as it sounded, everything came up perfectly very fast.

Stretch, one of his original characters, is a contortionist. When he told me that I immediately went back to my anatomy books, a little scared.

But I don't even have many sketches to show you because Odie was satisfied with the pose from the very first scribble ! I was nearly disappointed that it had been so easy. ;)

To add some "spice" to the cute beach I suggested a town and some buildings to make a simple yet alive background. Odie loved it so we kept the idea.

And the colored version... as you can guess, a tanned hot guy with blond goatee and dreadlocks, this was like candy for the illustrator I am ! :) Thanks a lot Odie for this opportunity.

2 commentaires:

  1. Hmmm if he continues to stretch like that he will rip his shorts...I HOPE! XD

  2. Maybe later... XD He might even go further than that if you know what I mean. ;)