vendredi 22 juillet 2011

Summertime... or not ?

How funny that I drew this illustration because it smelled good summer just when summer disappeared ! Well I don't know how it is where you're from but here in France, it's pretty cold. You can't believe it's July. Anyways, this sweet bum is gonna warm you up, or I hope so !

First sketch... yeah I recently discovered col-erase pencils and after trying the babes for two minutes I was like "How the hell could I ever live without them ?". They're my new addiction ! I wanted to draw a surfer with tanned skin and dreadlocks... he ended up a bit more Ronon looking that I wished but well, not that I mind ! ^^

As you can see I removed the sun. It didn't seem really good, graphically speaking. I mean a big bright yellow globe would have been weird in the composition. And I made a "wavy" effect at the bottom of the page, on his legs and the tree, so it looked a bit like the blurry effect you can see on landscapes when it's really really hot outside, you know, like a mirage.

In the end I added the big white lines and the shadow behind the composition to make it look like it's pasted on the background, as a postcard for example. Except this sunscreen is really obscene. I wish I could find such postcards on the beaches ! XD

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