lundi 22 décembre 2014

Hoe, hoe, hoe...

 Santa knows if you were naughty or nice...
... which list are you on?
 But as, little Frenchie, I was drawing my usual Santa pinup of the year, I realized the whole snow/nordic folklore was even more frustrating for people in the southern hemisphere. Ok the weather is really warm in southern France and we don't really have the white Christmas thing, but for you all in wombat land it's worse! ;)
So here's a southern hemisphere version of Santa, who also knows who was naughty or nice.
Polynesian tattoos are wonderful, but in my humble opinion the Marquesas Islands have the most amazing designs of all. Their tattoo culture is fascinating (thanks, mom-in-law!) 
Now you can pick your favorite hemisphere and have great holidays, guys! Hope you'll be spoiled! :D

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