mardi 4 novembre 2014

Bears of the MCU

A few weeks ago I witnessed an interesting debate about chubby/fat characters in Marvel Universe, and how fandom tends to ignore those characters or represent them with more "acceptable" body types. This is a pity because there are some nice bears in there, even in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and they definitely don't get enough love.
Banner and Hulk are highly appreciated but often given more muscular and/or thinner body types than they're supposed to have, in order to make them more conventionally attractive. Banner (as played by the so sexy Ruffalo) is the chubbier a guy is allowed to be in fandom in order to be sexualized.
 Timothy Dum-Dum Dugan, vintage daddy with one hell of a mustache from Captain America: The First Avenger. The 'stache and talking makes him appear like a caricature of typical pre-War strongmen from circuses, and these guys were all but thin.
Heimdall technically doesn't look like that (Idris Elba is kinda built like a Greek statue!), but he's got such a daddy feel I couldn't help imagining that under his big armor is something cuddly and powerful.
 Poor Volstagg, he's the only one of the Warriors Three to simply never be sexualized --maybe would it help if they had actually casted a fat actor to play him, instead of the Russian gay mafia guy from Dexter.
Jasper Sitwell is almost a cub, in his suits and ties he doesn't really give a strong bear impression, but when Maximiliano Hernandez posts bearded selfies on his Twitter I just melt. I don't know if Sitwell is HYDRA or not but it was funnier this way.
The ultimate muscle bear from Guardians of the Galaxy. I don't know who's more endearing, Drax or real life Batista.
 And Happy Hogan from the Iron Man series because everybody likes bodyguards who can double as business pigs.

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