lundi 13 mars 2017

Fifty shades of brown

Hey guys! I'm currently rebuilding my website,, it was more than time to give it a lil' upgrade with more recent pictures. I wanted a new relatively safe for work homepage that could represent my art, and it seemed obvious to me that I had to show some diversity. Various ethnicities and body types are what I'm aspiring to do, I don't always manage but that's one of my goals (the other one being to give you guys something to fantasize about, and if hard-ons happen at some point that's the cherry on top).

Ready for some close-ups?

 Nice cheekbones, sir!

When you're a young (white) artist, you don't always realize how purple shadows compliment black skins. I've read that once in a story and never forgot about it. 

 I'm the most satisfied with him, especially his facial structure. He reminds me of some of the Mongolian actors in Netflix's show Marco Polo... I love this show, not gonna deny the inspiration.
Handsome middle-eastern men and their amazing short beards. Smile if you agree!

And a nice tummy for the end. A little someone at my place keeps watching Moana videos on Youtube so I couldn't forget to add a Polynesian guy to this picture... I bet he "knows the way", if you see what I mean. ;)

Oh and let's not forget the dude on my "under construction" page... I'm not gonna lie, this is gonna take some time to fill and organize my portfolios so these pages are gonna be useful for a while!

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