jeudi 9 février 2017

Big illustration dump...

Sooo it's been a while since I've updated this blog, real life has been a mess and to be honest, I think we all freaked out when blogspot threatened to remove all adult content a while ago... but it's over now, and I really need a platform where I can post porn stuff, Facebook and Instagram not erotica-friendly enough. So, here's a kinda long post with my favorite pics I've drawn for the last two years. 

Starting with a steampunk redhead bear, because everyone likes a big pipe, leather and copper, don't you think? 

Then a couple of sexy pics inspired by user Dangerdoesmore on Instagram, a super sweet and hot pinup guy.

Some "three laws of robotics" extremists might not reaaaally like the concept of sexy cyborgs, but it's a fact that sex and pornography help the spread of new technologies, so... why not?

Are hipsters still a thing? And kale? 

I love the ridiculous amount of testosterone-drippin' hot men in the Fast & Furious franchise, but I think some more 'decorative' dudes could make it even better. Where are my flag waving Daisy Dukes' kinda guys, come on? 

That will be all for today, hoping to be able to post more soon, and keep posting regularly.

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