lundi 29 avril 2013

Seahorse's heir - long days of labor...

 I hesitated, should I post this picture here or not because it represents a kid? The laws are kind of a gray area but well... let's say it's okay. I wanted to draw a merman of color and thought, why not making him even more interesting than a basic merman and make him a seahorse? I know, there were other ways to make it more interesting -^^- but I wanted the picture to look good in a regular fantasy portfolio.
 So I drew a proud seahorse and his baby, that as every one of you know, he gave birth to himself. I thought it was a nice way to create a father/child bond in a fantasy setting. In the end I'm really glad of the way they look at each other. I hope I managed to create a "connection" between them. (Also, I harmonized the father's proportions because his head was really weird at first.)
Work in progress... it took a long time to paint the damn reef!
Almost done! I thought I was going to end here but the boy -mine, I mean- told me something was off, that it lacked the kind of perspective you can find underwater. It's true that it's a bit too "clean".
So, rays of light coming from the surface, make the detailed background you had painted a little blurrier, several layers of shadows to make the background disappear in the dark and eventually proud papa told me he wanted to blow bubbles to entertain his kid... pfeeeeeew finished! Or is it?

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  1. So beautiful. I hope we get to see more of him in the future. He's a lovely OC!